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Senior clubs, youth clubs and schools must register all their players as members for including them in teams entering national, regional and youth competitions.

All registered players taking part in Scottish Hockey competitions will be covered by Scottish Hockey's personal accident insurance, which includes life and limb, dental and optical cover.

Player Registration Categories

Please refer to the table below for Player Registration Categories and related Membership Fees before you begin the registration process.

Registration Category Membership Fee
Adult Registration £36.00 All individuals over the age of 18 who take to the field of play and participate in any on field activity, including player, coach, manager, umpire, physio etc. This includes any internationalist (over 18) whether based in Scotland or not, including those representing the Masters.
Under 18 Registration £18.00 Must be under 18 years of age on 1st January of the season of registration. Covers any Under 18 player participating in senior club hockey. This category is also for any Under 18 international players who are not affiliated with a Scottish based hockey club.
(2nd Club) Registration
£18.00 Any player who chooses to play indoor hockey for a club different to the one they play outdoor hockey for will need to have this type of registration. If a player plays outdoor hockey for a club out with Scotland, but chooses to play indoor hockey in Scotland, they will be need to become an 'Adult' member.
Non Player Registration £18.00 Any person not involved in on field activity such as Club Secretary, President, Treasurer etc. If they have dual roles i.e. A coach and a President, which would see the take to the field, then they will be registered as a full 'Adult'.
Casual Registration £10.00 A non-regular player - who plays up to three games. If they play more than three then they must become an adult member
Youth  Registration £1.00 Any player under the age of 18 playing in organised hockey. This includes, training, festivals, games, tournaments.

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