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If you are a qualified umpire in Scotland, you can be selected for umpiring domestic league and cup competitions by the Umpire Appointments Committee.

Appointments for league, cup, youth and international fixtures are made using the Umpire Appointments System to:

  • Manage umpire availability for domestic league and cup fixtures
  • Appoint umpires for domestic league and cup fixtures
  • Provide constructive feedback on the performance of umpires

Umpire Appointments are relayed to all clubs and umpires directly from the system, so everyone will be aware of updated or changed umpire appointments as soon as they happen. Access the Umpire Appointments System.

Benefits of Umpire Appointments System:

  • Easy for umpires to add and change their availability and check match appointments they have been given
  • Easy for Clubs to check who has been appointed to their game
  • Easy for Umpire Appointments Committee members to manage appointments, coaching and assessments
  • Ability for Clubs to provide feedback about the umpires

Current procedures are still to be used for:

  • Confirming with opposition and appointed umpires the times and venues of the game
  • Recording of disciplinary cards through MRF's but beneficial if umpires added this to the Umpire Appointments Software for the Appointments Committee to track.
  • If illness or injury prevents the umpires attending the game, contact the appropriate Appointments Committee member as soon as possible

Download a presentation on how to use the Umpires Appointment System.  If you have any technical problems with the Umpire Appointments System, please contact us