Scottish Hockey’s Holiday Accreditation Programme has been designed to support the work of our member clubs & schools who wish to deliver a “Fun, Friendly, Exciting & Safe” hockey experience through accrediting and endorsing their Summer, Easter & October coaching camps. The programme will provide clubs with the minimum operating standards we would expect from our accredited clubs, and give Scottish Hockey confidence to advertise these programmes on our website.

All interested clubs should read the information below carefully and complete the online form, which will be sent directly to the relevant Regional Development Manager.

Scottish Hockey Support:

  • Advertise the programme through Scottish Hockey website
  • Promotion through Scottish Hockey social media platforms
  • Free access to Golden Thread online training resources
  • Access to our club toolkit for document templates
  • Provision of Scottish Hockey Holiday Accreditation logo for use when advertising camps and marketing



  • The information provided in the online form below will be cross checked with our Core System to ensure all relevant information is up to date
  • Scottish Hockey may audit any camp that we have endorsed, to ensure criteria is being adhered to
  • Any coach not holding the correct PVG checks will be unable to coach within the programme
  • Any coach without the correct qualifications will not be counted towards overall programme ratios, there for potentially breaching MOR
  • Any club found to be over maximum pitch numbers will be asked to reduce the numbers accordingly with refunds being provided
  • Any Breach of qualified coaches, Coach to Participant ratio and / or maximum pitch number, will see the immediate removal of Accredited Camp Status for the year in question and the following year with an admin charge of £100 being placed on the club in subsequent years


What does it cost?

  • Endorsement is absolutely free for all of our member clubs and schools, where any surplus is returned to the clubs and schools directly
  • For private camps, the charge for accredited status is £100 per week for any programme with below 30 children and £250 for any programme with above 30 children
  • Any camp that has had their accreditation removed due to a complaint or audit process, Scottish Hockey reserve the right to charge a £100 administration fee for the programme to be reaccredited


    Please check from the following:
    ClubSchoolPrivate business


    Is the camp ron-residential or residential?

    -Minimum UKCC Level 2 Qualified

    ** if any coaches are paid or remunerated for their services clubs should ensure they meet minimum wage requirements including living wage allowance

    Max number of participants attending the holiday programme

    - This should be based on 1:8 for primary aged children and 1:16 for secondary aged children ratio against qualified coaches
    - Max number of participants per full sized hockey pitch set at 70

    Is there a venue specific risk assessment in place, signed by programme lead and available at the venue?

    Date qualification obtained

    First aid kit available at the venue?

    Emergency contact data collected and available to programme lead as well as up-to-date registers in place for each age group?



      Your Regional Development Manager will be in touch with you shortly