Are you interested in working with local partners within the community to help grow your club? If you answered yes to this question, then this page will provide you with information about some of the local organisations in your community that you could create new partnerships with. Some examples of these could be a local school, college, university or local sports council.

Schools can be a great resource to grow your junior and senior sections, as well as identifying new coaches and volunteers.
To find out which schools are closest to your club, please visit
Download this document for information on developing club-school links: School-to-Club-Link

Colleges and Universities

Like schools, colleges and universities can be a great resource to increase your senior membership, as well as develop partnerships to develop coaches and volunteers to help clubs.
For further information and to find identify your clubs closest university or college, please visit

Local Sports Councils

Local Sports Councils are community support networks which can provide support, funding opportunities and many other benefits for local sports clubs.
For more information and to find your local sports council, please visit