Scottish Hockey –  Lead The Way will invest in educating and empowering up to 100 of our most promising and engaged club and district leaders across the sport over the course of four years, and started with the 2019/2020 season. After a great two years we’re now looking for our next set of recruits to sign up and Lead the Way.

The programme will develop the skill sets of our current and future club/district leaders by delivering workshops; leadership team talks; online learning and continued support with a focus around five key topic areas.

The Lead The Way participants will transition into our new Leadership Community which will be launched this year. The Community will meet twice per year, this will provide our leaders with further opportunities to develop, share and learn. The Community will grow year on year as leaders “graduate” from the Leadership Network.


What are we looking for?

Clubs have the opportunity to nominate their future club leaders to apply for a position on our Scottish Hockey – Lead the Way Programme. The programme has been designed to provide our existing and future club / district leaders with the chance to increase their skill set and be part of an exciting new network of leaders within hockey across Scotland.

The successful candidates will have access to a variety of learning opportunities that will increase their knowledge within a number of key areas that will benefit them not only within hockey but in everyday life.

Are you aged 16+ and…

All your questions answered

Interested in joining the Lead the Way programme? Scottish Hockey’s Regional Development Managers answer all your questions about the programme, and how to get involved. Watch the video below for more info.


The aim is to engage up to 100 leaders across the next four seasons with the goal of them transitioning into either club/district/Scottish Hockey positions. The 100 leaders will remain part of in our leadership community to share good practice, assist with future programme developments and become a support mechanism for clubs across the country.

Throughout the season, leaders will evaluate the course/programme content online. They will also share information on their current areas of work, highlighting their successes and the challenges/barriers faced. This info will be utilised by the Regional Development Manager (RDM) team to provide bespoke support for each leader to ensure maximum impact via the programme.

If the leaders do not currently undertake a leadership role within their club/district RDM’s will look to arrange a mentor within the club/district where the leader can shadow that role to increase their experience.

What Support Will You Receive?

  • Access 5 x workshops across season
  • Platform to share / discuss ideas, raise any barriers to club development and increase awareness of club development across Scotland
  • Bespoke 1-2-1 Regional Development Manager support linked to roles within relevant district or club setting
  • Access to online library of support via Scottish Hockey website
  • Opportunities to engage further with Scottish Hockey programmes / projects which will further increase skill set
  • Enhanced leadership skills, confidence, ability to drive change and inspire others
  • Pathway into our Young Leaders Group (U23’s) which focusses on a wide range of topics to enhance our sport


What does it cost?

The programme has an entry fee of £50 which covers access to all of the workshops, online content and bespoke Regional Development Manager support throughout. This can be paid by the individual or the club / district and we have confirmed by sportscotland that Direct Club Investment Funding can be used towards this as part of the post holder’s development.


How do you apply?

To apply please create a one minute video on the following question – What impact would you like to make in your club / district over the next year and how could Lead the Way help you achieve this?

The theme of your video should convey or be linked to Aspiration – this can be conveyed by the preference of each applicant. For example, the people featured, background music.

Upload your video to YouTube (setting to private) and insert the link in to the application form. Please keep your video active until the selection process is complete.


Complete the online application form in full.

Apply HERE

Please submit all applications (video and application form) no later than Friday 10th September, 5pm


What do clubs do next?

Please send this info to anyone within your club you feel would suit the criteria, thought should be put into whether this is existing committee members, potential committee members or young leaders. This is a fantastic opportunity for your club to increase the skill set of your leaders and potentially enhance the development of club moving forward. We would love to see our clubs use this programme as an opportunity to provide their existing and future leaders with a development opportunity that will assist not only the club but the individuals involved.


Further Questions?

Please contact your Regional Development Manager for further info:

North District: Mark Pain [email protected]

West District: Kelly Fillingham [email protected] 

East District: Mekala Osborne (Acting) [email protected]

Midland District: Chris Anderson [email protected]