Cochrane, Costello, Robertson and Forsyth selected in GB FIH Pro League squads

Four Scots have been selected for Great Britain to compete in the brand new FIH Pro League (FIHPL) – Nicki Cochrane, Amy Costello and Sarah Robertson have all been named in the initial Great Britain women’s squad; and Alan Forsyth has been selected for the initial Great Britain men’s squad.

Great Britain Hockey submitted their initial squads for the first round of matches in the FIHPL, which sees the men’s team travel to Spain on Friday 25 January. The women’s debut match is two weeks later on Friday 8 February when they travel to New Zealand.

2019 sees the first instalment of the event, with nine of the world’s best nations doing battle in a ground-breaking global competition. The FIHPL will transform the future of international hockey at the top level and next year’s competition is also a key component of qualification for the Tokyo Olympic games.

Competing consistently as Great Britain over the next two years, at the moment, 22 players have been named in the women’s squad, with 25 in the initial men’s list.

Players currently recovering from injury have not been included at this stage, but can be added at short notice once back in contention. Competing nations can use up to 32 players in each gender across the entire FIHPL, so there is plenty of flexibility still available.

Barry Middleton is taking a break from international hockey and is not scheduled to take part in the FIHPL in 2019.

Great Britain Hockey anticipate making an announcement with regards the position of women’s team head coach in January 2019.


Initial women’s squad

Giselle Ansley

Grace Balsdon

Sophie Bray

Nicki Cochrane

Amy Costello

Emily Defroand

Sarah Evans

Sabbie Heesh

Tess Howard

Jo Hunter

Hannah Martin

Lizzie Neal

Lily Owsley

Hollie Pearne-Webb

Suzy Petty

Ellie Rayer

Sarah Robertson

Erica Sanders

Amy Tennant

Anna Toman

Susannah Townsend

Laura Unsworth


Initial men’s squad

David Ames

Liam Ansell

Will Calnan

David Condon

Brendan Creed

Adam Dixon

Alan Forsyth

James Gall

Harry Gibson

Mark Gleghorne

David Goodfield

Chris Griffiths

Michael Hoare

Harry Martin

George Pinner

Phil Roper

Liam Sanford

Ian Sloan

Rhys Smith

Luke Taylor

Zach Wallace

Jack Waller

Sam Ward

Henry Weir

Ollie Willars


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