Following the implementation of the Scottish Government’s COVID-19 protection levels, which set out measures that can be applied nationally or locally depending on prevalence of the virus across Scotland, Scottish Hockey has developed an aligned framework for its clubs and members.

The 5-level system follows the Scottish Government’s framework and will help you to understand and prepare for protections that might be introduced, as well as showing how and when they may change.

It allows clubs to prepare for whatever level their part of the country is in, and for if their level changes at any point.

This new system was introduced from 2 November.

Levels will be reviewed on a regular basis aligned with changes to Scottish Government guidance.

Below is a breakdown of the restrictions in place that affect hockey at each level of the framework. We have also broke these levels down into individual pages, which can be viewed below:

Level 0

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Read and follow general guidance.

DOWNLOAD: Coronavirus Protection Levels

DOWNLOAD: Protect Scotland app

An outdoor sporting ‘field of play bubble’ can consist of a maximum of 30 people including coaches, officials and other support staff at any one time.

Multiple bubbles, each with up to 30 people, can be used in training, competition or small-scale sporting events if all guidance is followed (200 max per day unless with exemption).

The number of participants allowed to take part in organised indoor sport or physical activity should follow Scottish Government guidance on the opening of sport and leisure facilities and sport specific SGB Guidance.

Getting Coaches Ready for Sport provides a 4-stage approach/checklist to further support coaches to plan and deliver safe sessions.

The local protection level in place for sport and physical activity will dictate what activity can be coached, indoors and outdoors and to whom in that area.

Coaches can take multiple indoor sessions per day, however the numbers allowed in each session will depend upon the protection level in place.

Travel guidance outlined by the Scottish Government should always be followed.   Further information on what travel is permitted in the five protection levels for each local authority area is available at Coronavirus (COVID-19): local protection levels .

Specific information on car sharing is available from Transport Scotland:  advice on how to travel safely.

You should avoid travel to other areas regardless of their level unless essential.

For exercise/sport – there are exemptions, however, they are limited:

International travel

Travellers arriving from certain countries overseas may be required, by law, to quarantine by self-isolation for 14 days after arrival.

If you travel back from a country, which requires quarantine, to another part of the UK, but your final destination is Scotland, you must follow the rules that are in place in Scotland.

Guidance on international travel and quarantine.

Travel between Scotland and the rest of the UK

Restrictions and advice on what you can do and where you can travel are also in place within England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The current Scottish Government guidance, given the state of the epidemic across the UK is that people avoid any unnecessary travel between Scotland and England, Wales, or Northern Ireland.

This applies to people who live in Scotland and to people who live elsewhere in the UK who are thinking of coming to Scotland.

This may change as the virus spreads or is suppressed in different areas, and as the rules and guidance in place there change.


Public Transport

Transport providers will have procedures to promote the safety of customers and staff, but it is an individual’s responsibility to comply with guidance.

On public transport you must by law wear a face covering, unless you are exempt, and comply with the physical distancing measures that are in place.

If you can walk or cycle please do as this will save space on public transport for those who need it.


Car Sharing

You should avoid sharing a vehicle with people who are not members of your household or extended household as much as possible.

If you have no other option, you should:

  • keep to small groups of people up to 6 at any one time
  • keep your distance and take care entering and exiting the vehicle
  • sit as far apart as possible in the vehicle, avoiding face-to-face
  • maintain good ventilation by keeping the car windows open
  • wear a face covering, unless you are exempt
  • clean your hands before and after your journey
  • if the vehicle is your responsibility, clean the door handles and other areas that people touch

If you regularly share transport whether it is a car or minibus or other private vehicle, try and share with the same people each time.

See: information on safe travel.

Clubhouses and sports facilities which provide catering and bar services, can operate providing they adhere to Scottish Government guidance appropriate to the protection level in which they are operating.  Further information is available at Coronavirus (COVID-19): tourism and hospitality sector guidance.

Retail units operated by sports facility operators may reopen provided all specific Scottish Government guidance for retailers appropriate to the protection level in which they are operating is in place and adhered to.  Further information from the Scottish Government is available at Retail Sector Guidance.

Consider whether meetings and training must be completed in person or whether alternative approaches can be used. If it is essential that meetings and training takes place in person, Scottish Government guidance for general workplaces must be followed and a risk assessment should be completed.

Where changing rooms and showering facilities are to be used specific guidance relating to use of ‘Changing and Showers’ is available at Getting Your Facilities Fit for Sport.  This is applicable at all levels where facilities remain open.

Operators may open public toilets if they follow the guidelines outlined on the Scottish Government website Opening Public Toilets Guidelines.