Boys’ Indoor Cup 2019

The top boys’ indoor hockey teams in Scotland come together for a showdown at Bells Sports Centre in Perth. Entry is free.


Pool A Pool B
Grove Menzieshill Perthshire
Western Wildcats Uddingston
Grange Aberdeen Grammar School
Gordonians Watsonians


Order of Play 

Main Hall Time Coaching Hall
9.30 Grove Menzieshill v Grange 9.30 Gordonians v Western Wildcats
10.15 Perthshire v Uddingston 10.15 Watsonians v Aberdeen Grammar School
11.00 Western Wildcats v Grove Menzieshill 11.00 Grange v Gordonians
11.45 Watsonians v Perthshire 11.45 Aberdeen Grammar School v Uddingston
12.30 Gordonians v Grove Menzieshill 12.30 Western Wildcats v Grange
13.15 Perthshire v Aberdeen Grammar School 13.15 Uddingston v Watsonians
14.20 A1 v B2 14.15 B4 v A4
15.00 B1 v A2 15.00 A3 v B3
16.00 Loser (A1 v B2) v Loser (B1 v A2)    
16.45 Winner (A1 v B2) v Winner (B1 v A2)    


Event Details:

Date: 27/01/2019
Time: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Location: Bells Sports Centre, Perth
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