This workshop is designed for coaches that:

  • Take weekly training sessions at any level in a club environment with limited pitch space
  • Want practical and up to date games to deliver to their players
  • Have players of varying ability
  • Need ideas on how to coach games rather than basic drills
By the end of the workshop coaches should be able to:
  • Develop practical ideas on HOW to deliver fun, exciting and dynamic games to facilitate effective learning environments for club teams
  • Use player centred examples to bring match play scenarios to life on a regular basis
  • Create variations to existing practices to develop a suite of activities for all players
  • Facilitate club training sessions by adopting a questioning coaching style
  • Understand that the game is the teacher, the pitch is the classroom, the coach is the facilitator


Book you place by emailing coaching with the date and venue.  The workshop costs £30 (SH Members), £40 (non members)