Coaching Week

This year’s Coaching Week can:

    • inspire the public to value coaches
    • energise coaches to learn
    • and prompt policymakers to invest in coaching.


Showcase #GreatCoaching

Find a story or record a clip that demonstrates #GreatCoaching PEOPLE skills in action and share it on social media during Coaching Week, using the hashtags #CoachingWeek, #GreatCoaching

What does #GreatCoaching look like, read this guide to #GreatCoaching


Prepare a Pledge

Create a pledge to support and empower coaches, improve coaching and bring coaching to more people.  Find full inspiration on the Coaching Week pledge page


Host a Coaching Week event

Host an event to showcase and celebrate #GreatCoaching in your club or school?


Further information or to register go to UK Coaching website.

Event Details:

Date: 03/06/2019 - 09/06/2019
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