Indoor GALA Day 2019

It’s the biggest day of the indoor hockey season – The Indoor GALA Day 2019 will see the best indoor hockey teams compete for silverware, promotion and to avoid the dreaded relegation at Bells Sports Centre in Perth.

Entry is free for this fantastic day of indoor hockey – not to be missed!


09:00 | WOMEN | WINL2 Loser (A1 v B2) v WINL2 Loser (A2 V B1) | WINL2 3rd/4th

10:00 | MEN | MINL2 Loser (A1 v B2) v MINL2 Loser (A2 v B1) | MINL2 3rd/4th

11:00 | WOMEN | WINL2 Winner (A1 v B2) v WINL2 Winner (A2 v B1) | WINL2 Final

12:00 | MEN | MINL2 Winner (A1 v B2) v MINL2 Winner (A2 v B1) | MINL2 Final

13:00 | WOMEN | WINL1 7th v WINL2 2nd | WNL1 Promotion/Relegation

14:00 | MEN | MINL1 7th v MINL2 2nd | MINL1 Promotion/Relegation

15:00 | WOMEN | WINL1 Winner (A1 v B2) v WINL1 Winner (A2 v B1) | WINL1 Final

16:00 | MEN | MINL1 Winner (A1 v B2) v MINL1 Winner (A2 v B1) | MINL1 Final

Event Details:

Date: 02/02/2019
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: Bells Sports Centre, Perth
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