U16 National Club Cup Finals

The U16 National Club Cup reaches finals day and it is sure to be a cracker. Come along and watch some excellent youth hockey at Peffermill as some of the best young players in Scotland take to the pitch.

Entry is free.


  Sunday 24nd March Peffermill

Finals Day

9.00 G X ESM v Inverleith 9.00 G X Grange v Dunfermline Carnegie
09.45 B X Western Wildcats v Uddingston 09.45 B X Inverleith v ESM
10.30 G 5-6 W(  ESM v Inverleith ) v W(  Grange v Dunfermline Carnegie ) 10.30 G 7-8 L(  ESM v Inverleith ) v L(  Grange v Dunfermline Carnegie )
11.15 B 9-10 W(  Western Wildcats v Uddingston ) v W(  Inverleith v ESM ) 11.15 B 11-12 L(  Western Wildcats v Uddingston ) v L(  Inverleith v ESM )
12.00 G X Watsonians v Western Wildcats 12.00 G X Perthshire v Clydesdale
12.45 B X Grove Menzieshill v Highland 12.45 B X Clydesdale v Hillhead
13.30 G 9-10 W(  Watsonians v Western Wildcats ) v W(  Perthshire v Clydesdale ) 13.30 G 11-12 L(  Watsonians v Western Wildcats ) v L(  Perthshire v Clydesdale )
14.15 B 5-6 W(  Grove Menzieshill v Highland ) v W(  Clydesdale v Hillhead ) 14.15 B 7-8 L(  Grove Menzieshill v Highland ) v L(  Clydesdale v Hillhead )
15.00 G SF GHK v CALA 15.00 G SF GCW v Fjordhus Reivers
15.45 B SF Grange v Watsonians 15.45 B SF Perthshire v Dunfermline Carnegie
16.30 G F W(  GHK v CALA ) v W(  GCW v Fjordhus Reivers ) 16.30 G 3-4 L(  GHK v CALA ) v L(  GCW v Fjordhus Reivers )
17.15 B F W(  Grange v Watsonians ) v W(  Perthshire v Dunfermline Carnegie ) 17.15 B 3-4 L(  Grange v Watsonians ) v L(  Perthshire v Dunfermline Carnegie )


Event Details:

Date: 24/03/2019
Time: 9:00 am - 6:20 pm
Location: Peffermill
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