Bag4Sport (B4S) is a social enterprise based in Wiltshire, which supports football clubs, churches, community organisations, schools, and charities across the UK by turning unwanted and useless clothing into useful cash, at zero cost.

B4S also helps to encourage recycling, and provides affordable clothing for those in less privileged countries, where the unused clothes are sent for textile recycling.

Getting involved is simple: B4S bags or posters are issued to the organisation, each with a letter, and given out to members/parents etc, who then fill them with unwanted clothes (inc shoes, belts, caps, bags etc), bed linen and soft toys.

This is then collected on an agreed date, weighed, and a receipt issued. B4S then pay the organisation 40p per kilo (£400 per tonne), a further 2% on top for donations over a tonne, and issue a certificate of achievement. Cheques are sent out within 4-6 weeks.

You can visit the Bag4Sport website for more information.

Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland

Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland has announced the reopening of its grant-making programme and is inviting charities to apply for funding for the £2 million available..

There are 2 funding programmes that groups can apply to:

  1. The Henry Duncan Awards – to help grassroots charities that work to improve the lives of people who are disadvantaged or are at risk of becoming disadvantaged
  2. Capacity Building Programme – designed to help organisations run as effectively as it can by working with groups to identify strengths and set out opportunities for development

Details on the criteria and other information on how to apply can be found on the Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland website.

Youth in Action

Youth in Action is a European Programme which supports activities relating to young people.

The Youth for Europe strand encourages young people’s active participation and citizenship. The Youth for Europe strand has three main elements:

  1. Youth Exchanges
  2. Youth Initiatives
  3. Youth Democracy Activities

There is a rolling timetable for applications to Youth for Europe and more information can be found at the British Council website.

ASDA Foundation

The Asda Foundation supports a range of good causes around the UK.

Applications are open to all registered charities, community groups and individuals in the UK, as long as they have the support and involvement of local ASDA colleagues.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Eligible individuals/organisations must:

  • Operate in the UK
  • Be providing a clear benefit to their local community
  • Be non-profit making
  • Have direct support and involvement from one of the ASDA colleagues

To apply visit your local ASDA branch and speak with a member of staff. For further information visit the ASDA Foundation website