The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a formal, legal requirement that Scottish Hockey undertakes to inform its member clubs and trustees of the organisation’s previous and future activities. Scottish Hockey’s Annual Report and Accounts are also presented at the AGM.

The next AGM will be held on 17 June 2021 online at 6:30 pm. 

Scottish Hockey’s corporate strategy for 2019-2023 can be found HERE.




In law, members of a company must be persons, hence our Articles of Association permit up to two or more named Trustees to be named act on behalf of each member club. Download our Trustee Guide. In terms of formal proceedings, trustees are the only members who have voting rights at Scottish Hockey AGMs and EGMs.

In the case where two or more trustees for one club have been confirmed, the most senior [“First Named”] Trustee will carry the vote for that member club. Each member club is eligible to one vote only.

Trustees who are entitled to attend and vote at the meeting, but are not able to attend, may appoint someone (who need not be a member or members) to come along and vote in their place.

Clubs should advise us asap who will be attending and voting but this should be completed by 5pm on 10 June 2021 by emailing [email protected]

Due to restricted numbers on our Zoom licence, only trustees or their appointed representative, can attend the meeting however we will be live streaming the meeting on our youtube channel and you can click here for the link to it.

If your club needs to amend their Trustee list, please read the Trustees page or contact us with any queries.

Any change of Trustee must be notified to and accepted by Scottish Hockey in advance of the AGM via the Change of Trustee Form.


The proxy form should be delivered to Scottish Hockey not less than 48 hours before the time appointed for the holding of the meeting.

The agenda for the meeting is detailed below.

If your Trustees cannot attend the AGM, you should ensure that you nominate someone to vote on your behalf, by emailing us at [email protected]


What to expect at the online AGM

If you’re attending our online AGM download our user guide for info on access; how to ask questions; and how to vote:  Attendee guidance for the Scottish Hockey Online AGM 2021


Voting Rights

Per article 32.3, the Directors may make whatever arrangements they consider appropriate to enable those attending a general meeting to exercise their rights to speak or vote.

Accordingly, the Directors have put in place the following measures in relation to the AGM:

In accordance with article 32.1, each member is to have the right to communicate with all of those at the meeting any information or opinions which that person has on the business of the meeting.  This is facilitated by the Zoom platform.

In accordance with article 32.2, a person is able to exercise their right to vote where:

    1. the person is able to vote during the meeting; and
    2. the person’s vote can be taken into account at the same time as all other persons at the meeting

The efficacy of the voting procedures will be addressed by an external third party called Mi-Voice as per last year’s AGM.  Background information on Mi-Voice is provided in the attached attendee guidance.

Download our Scottish Hockey Annual Report 2020




Statutory Business:


  1. To approve the Minutes of the Twentieth Annual General Meeting of the Company held via Zoom on 3rd September 2020. Copies of these minutes can be found here
  2. To receive the Directors’ Report and Accounts for the year ended 31st December 2020. Copies of the accounts can be downloaded here
  3. To ratify the appointment of director-nominated Director of the Company – Gareth Tenner.  A statement on Gareth can be found here
  4. To approve certain proposals in respect of amendments to the articles of association as outlined in the schedule here. These proposals would not be effected until completion of the structural review of Scottish Hockey following which a fully amended set of articles will be proposed to the members at a future general meeting. The current articles of Association can be found here
  5. To appoint the President.  Nominations have been received for Colin Fraser, a statement from Colin can be found here
  6. To approve the motion to convene an Open Forum.


 Non-Statutory Business:


  1. Chair’s Report.
  2. President’s Report.
  3. Officials Convenor’s Report
  4. Discipline Officer’s Report
  5. Election of Convenor/Officer:


  6. Other Club Topics (as notified to the Board in advance). None have been notified to the Board within the prescribed timescale, therefore the meeting will proceed to the end of business.


For further information or enquires, please contact us.