The role of a Trustee is to act as a representative on behalf of a member club. Scottish Hockey’s Articles of Association permits up to three names Trustees for each member club.

Trustees fulfil the legal requirement that states that members of a company must be persons. In this instance, a Trustee is the member of Scottish Hockey acting on behalf of their club.

Any club can apply for membership of Scottish Hockey, including the registration of Trustees. Please contact us for more information

Applications to register a Trustee will be accepted if the Board of Directors is satisfied that the person is acting as Trustee in support of Scottish Hockey’s objectives, and has an acceptable Club Constitution.

Trustees are the only members who have voting rights at Scottish Hockey’s AGM and EGM (if required). In the case where two or three Trustees for one member club have been confirmed, the most senior [“number one”] Trustee will carry the vote for that member club. Each member club is eligible to one vote only.

If your club needs to change your registered Trustees, download this Change of Trustee Form, complete and return it signed to the Scottish Hockey offices with a copy of your current Club Constitution, or Memorandum and Articles if your club is a limited company.

The current list of Scottish Hockey Trustees can be viewed here: Trustee List 2017

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