Grand Masters to play on Tokyo Olympic pitches at 2020 Masters World Cup

World Masters Hockey, the new, single governing body for Masters Hockey from O35 upwards, has confirmed that the 2020 World Cup for O60, O65, O70, O75 and Trophy Tournament for men will be held in Tokyo at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games hockey stadium.

At the recent European Cup in Belgium, the Scotland O60 won a bronze medal and the O65 came fourth with the Thistles O60 side also achieving a fourth place finish. There is a significant enthusiasm to see if the high ranking positions can be repeated on the World Stage.

In order to be able to create a programme of events leading up to the World Cup in Japan the Scotland LX Club are seeking to determine availability both from current members as well as potential members who will be 60 or over in 2020. As a fairly small hockey playing country we are keen to spread the net and make sure that the opportunity to participate is available to Scottish qualified players.

The intention would be to enter sides into the International event and the Tournament Trophy with a programme of training and competitions developed for 2020 culminating in the World Cup.

If you or someone you know might be interested please check the Scottish Masters LX website for more information and/or complete the appropriate form below.


O60/O65 form

O70/O75 form


Closing date for completed forms is Friday 30th August.”


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