Playing hockey for Scotland at international level is a huge honour and achievement.

You can play for Scotland if you have the commitment, dedication, skills, talent and consistency that are required to excel against the world’s best teams and players.

If you are ambitious and talented, you can join a select group of players who have been capped at international level.

Our international teams compete regularly in a number of both indoor and outdoor international competitions, including:

  • Commonwealth Games
  • FIH tournaments
  • EuroHockey tournaments
  • Celtic Cup
  • Four Nations
  • UK School Games
  • Friendly matches

So, do you think you can make the grade at international level?


In addition to meeting the eligibility criteria stated below and possessing the required skill levels to play international Hockey, there must be a clear commitment to play for Scotland at senior international level.

Please read the International Hockey Federation Player Eligibility criteria

To play for Scotland at the Commonwealth Games, please read the Commonwealth Games Federation Player Eligibility criteria

Eligibility Criteria

If you believe you may be eligible to play for Scotland and have ambitions to be selected for an international performance programme, please read through the following eligibility criteria for clarification.

To be eligible to play Hockey for Scotland, you must meet both criteria 1 and 2 below and one of the additional criteria bullet pointed:

  1. Be an affiliated member of Scottish Hockey.
  2. Hold a British passport.
  • Been born in Scotland.
  • Are resident in Scotland with the intention to remain and meet the CGS 5-year residency criteria.
  • Have one or both parents who were born in Scotland.
  • Have one or more grand-parents born in Scotland.
  • Are married to a Scot as defined in (a) or (c).
  • Have been born in or are resident in a British Crown Dependency or British Overseas Territory, or alternatively have been born in or reside in Northern Ireland and chosen to deemed as British under the terms of the Belfast Agreement 1998 – and as a result are able to choose which one of the GB Home Nations you wish to be considered to represent.

NB: A player who has been resident in Scotland with the intention to remain and meet the CGS 5-year residency criteria remains qualified notwithstanding a change in Residence or Club.

In addition to the above criteria, to be eligible a player must also –

  • have not played for another international team in an FIH competition during the last 3 years other than Great Britain.

For more information on playing for Scotland, or to enquire about our performance programmes at both senior and youth international level, please contact us.