Joint Statement from Scottish Hockey President and Chair of Scottish Hockey

There have been turbulent times across Scottish Hockey over the past few weeks, but a crisis can create an opportunity to bring our Scottish hockey family together again. The recent vote of trustees was impacted by the limited quality of the associated data. Within these restrictions, it was agreed by all parties to have resulted in a split vote.

The President and Chair are pleased to announce a compromise solution that a new Management Committee will be formed today to restart the journey of returning, when appropriate, to the field of play and create a proposal that all registered, clubs, schools and bodies will have an opportunity to vote on.

The Management Committee will comprise of:

  • Chair – John Mackenzie, Scottish Hockey President.
  • Peter Gillespie, Scottish Hockey Vice President.
  • Barbara Morgan, Scottish Hockey Board Director and Officials Convenor.
  • Ally Dick, Scottish Hockey Discipline Convenor and Umpire Appointments Convenor.
  • Anne Witherspoon.
  • David Sweetman, Scottish Hockey Chief Executive.
  • Andy Tennant, Scottish Hockey Head of Performance.
  • Jamie Frail, Scottish Hockey Head of Domestic Game.
  • Martin Shepherdson, Grange Hockey Club.
  • David Bond, Chair of Scottish Students Sport – Hockey Group.
  • Stewart Gilmour, Director Scottish Hockey, will act as an observer / facilitator and non-voting member.

This committee will reach out to our hockey family to ensure all have an opportunity to contribute on the way forward, be it voting on proposals or on serving on small committees that will be formed to take our sport forward into a brighter future.

The President and Chair look forward to working together to deliver a new form of governance and rebuild our Scottish hockey family.

John MacKenzie                                                          Robin McLaren

President Scottish Hockey                                          Chair Scottish Hockey


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