Letter: spectating at training and matches

Dear parents, carers and supporters,

I am delighted that over the last few weeks, we have been able to see players return to training and matches for the first time since lockdown started in March.

For me, hockey is a lot more than just playing, it is the friendships, shared community and wellbeing that come from being involved. I started playing as a 14 year old, and over 25 years later I am still thrilled when I get on a pitch with a stick, or whistle, in my hand.

Our clubs, volunteers and staff have put huge amounts of work in place to ensure that we have fun, friendly and safe venues and procedures for players to enjoy. I would like to thank them for the hard work they have put in to get hockey back.

Within this global pandemic we are fortunate that hockey, like other organised sports, have an exemption that allows an increased size of bubble to allow clubs to continue to offer training and competitive opportunities.

A number of clubs have said, that the one area they are finding challenging is the small number of parents and carers who are staying at the side of the pitch for training and matches. On top of every other responsibility, it is a frustrating task for a COVID officer or coach to ask spectators to move, in line with Scottish Government guidance.

I am very aware of the desire to watch your children in action, it is great to be able to see them playing and enjoying sport with their friends. However, the guidance for all sport in Scotland at the moment is clear, that no spectators are allowed.

The guidance is there to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep all individuals including your children safe.  Please help your club by following their guidance and not spectating for training and matches.

I would like to ask you to all to play your part in helping your club and our sport as a whole by following guidance and not spectating for training and matches whether in a private facility or a public park.

Yours sincerely,

David Sweetman

CEO, Scottish Hockey

For safety information and guidance please visit the Covid-19 section of our website HERE.

No spectators poster download HERE

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