New Premiership begins three-year journey to raise standard

This weekend sees the start of the new Scottish Hockey Premiership, which will replace National League One as the name for the top divisions of Scottish club Hockey in both genders.

The new leagues have been established following a consultation with performance-focussed clubs, where agreement was reached on a set of fifteen criteria which will be phased in over a three-year period. The agreed criteria will take the pinnacle of Scottish club hockey on a three-year evolutionary journey designed to systematically deliver transformational change, and bridge the gap between domestic and international Hockey.

This season will see a small number of changes, including the new title; formation of a new management group designed to give clubs a greater say in the development of the leagues; moving to four quarters and changes to the play off structure. These initial changes are designed to more closely mirror international hockey and promote positive play.

Scottish Hockey’s Head of Performance Andy Tennant said, “The recent consultation process has been really positive, with a genuine consensus between the leading clubs and our performance team on the best way forward for the pinnacle of the domestic club game. As a result, we are excited about working in partnership with our leading clubs, both those in the Premiership – and others with ambition to compete at that level. We recognise that we are just at the start of the journey, but look forward to working together at what is an exciting time for Hockey in Scotland”.


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