New resources to support those delivering Fun Start – Learning to Play

Created to support those individuals developing players through Scottish Hockey’s modified games

After launching its new player pathway and modified games (Fun Fours, Super Sixes and Eights) in 2020, Scottish Hockey has created further delivery resources to support individuals primarily involved in delivering hockey in the Fun Start – Learning to Play stage.


Whether you are a teacher, parent helper, young leader, or coach these resources provide some structure and ideas.

The examples in the resource follow a Game – Train – Game structure and are a starting point.  They can be adapted to suit the needs in any environment, for example, the size and type of area you access, the numbers attending each session and different equipment you may possess.


Each example has a specific focus on technical and tactical aspects of hockey but they incorporate physical and mental elements for player development as well.


These examples have been created to support players with playing 6-a-side hockey but also provide a variety of ways to organise sessions for players to be engaged throughout aligning to the Golden Thread.


We would like to thank, Jenny Eadie, Senior Women’s’ National Squad player and Janice Hudson-Windsor, Lead the Way cohort 1, school and club coach for contributing to the development of this resource.

Check out the resources on the website HERE.

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