Coach education is a crucial part of coaches development and provides them with the opportunity to develop in an open and honest environment with support from other participants and Tutors/Assessors.  They are assessment against standardised criteria, which provides a quality mark at that point in time.


About the UK Coaching Certificate

The UKCC is a flexible learning system, which is based on the following key principles

  • Be Coach Centred
  • Offering opportunities for progression
  • Linked to National Occupational Standards
  • Quality Assurance systems in place
  • Be flexible to meet the demands of the sport


The process was developed by UK Coaching under instruction from Central Government and supported by a National Source Group formed from representatives of each Home Nation.  UK Coaching aim to endorse coach education programmes across sports within the UK, against agreed criteria, in order to have standardisation at each level.


The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) has been chosen as the Awarding Body and the Scottish/National Progression Awards in sports coaching has been developed to align with UKCC and encompasses the knowledge and competence requirements. They prepare candidate coaches for employment in a specific industry and may lead to further study but these awards develop a coach’s capability and will demonstrate potential to the Governing Body of Sport.