Scottish Hockey has a strong commitment to the ethical delivery of hockey in Scotland.

If you know of a child in immediate danger please call the Police on 999

Child Protection Policies and Procedures are detailed in the Ethics Manual

All volunteers and professionals who we employ to work with children are subject to these policies and procedures. They are also subject to disclosure checks under the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme to ensure that they are suitable to work with children and to provide on-going training.

Download information on the PVG scheme for sports-organisations 


  1. If an individual will be carrying out regulated work with children within your club, or district, the first step is to complete a self declaration form
  2. Once the self declaration form is complete you must give to your club/organisations Child Protection Officer (CPO).
  3. If eligible to join the PVG scheme, an ‘Application to Join the PVG Scheme’ Form will be given to the individual along with a letter detailing how to complete the form.
  4. The individual must complete the PVG forms and return it to their CPO in person taking along ID.
  5. The CPO checks ID and that the form is complete and then sends to Scottish Hockey for final checks and to be signed off.
  6. Scottish Hockey will then send the applciation to Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Service for checking.
  7. The individaul and Scottish Hockey will then be informed as to whether or not they have been accepted onto the PVG scheme as a scheme member.
  8. Scottish Hockey will then inform the club CPO.

Please note:

  • PVG can only be applied for regulated work and these positions are only the following:
ild Protection Officer
– Development Officer
– Assistant Development Officer
– Parent Helper
– Physiotherapist
– Youth Coach
– Youth Manage

– Child Protection Officer

– Development Officer

– Assistant Development Officer

– Parent Helper

– Physiotherapist

– Youth Coach

– Youth Manager

Role Descriptions

When filling out your self declaration form or PVG application you must specify one of the above positions.

  • PVGs can only be carried out for registered members of Scottish Hockey

Child Protection at Your Club

Below, we have provided several forms and templates to help guide the implementation of the PVG application process.

For more information on the Scottish Hockey Child Protection Policies and Procedures, please email Jamie Frail

Please visit the Children 1st website for a list of local contacts that can be accessed if you are concerned about a child.