Poland and Italy play out a nil-nil draw at Glasgow National Hockey Centre on Day Two of the 2019 Women’s EuroHockey Championship II.

Poland and Italy play out a nil-nil draw at Glasgow National Hockey Centre on Day Two of the 2019 Women’s EuroHockey Championship II.

Poland lay the pressure on from the start, driving into the circle from the left but Italy’s defensive line hold strong, clearing the ball to their waiting midfield. Poland maintain their drive as they work the ball down the right but again, to no avail as they’re forced off the back line by a strong Italian defence. However, Poland’s Number 17 Monika Polewczak doesn’t take no for an answer as she sends a cracking ball from the left of the field across the circle but no one’s there. Italy’s Keeper Natalia Schinoni lets it run into the goal.

In a burst of attacking power, Italy drive towards their attacking 22. Poland’s Number 6 Paulina Reder drops her stick to give the attacking Italians a bit of space, but contact to Poland’s Number 16 and Captain Marlena Rybacha’s face halts the momentum.

It’s end-to-end hockey in the first quarter, with both teams on par with each other at this stage.


Italy link up nicely at the beginning of the 2nd quarter, Number 17 and Captain Chiara Tiddi finds Number 25 Giuliana Ruggieri, who drives into the corner and earns Italy the free hit.

Heading down to the opposite end, Poland defend the first penalty corner of the match. A sleek dummy move at the top of the circle gives Italy the strike, but Polish Keeper Dominika Nowicka get her body down for the save and Poland clear it as the ball runs loose.

After a flurry of stick tackles, Poland’s Number 18 Natalia Wisniewska is awarded a green card. After a further foul at the baseline, Italy are awarded their second attacking corner. The ball comes straight out to the top of the circle before being diverted to waiting Number 14 Elisabetta Pacella, who misses the touch to make it 1-0.

Some lovely work from both teams, sees attacks on goal from both sides, with momentum swinging from one end of the field to the other.


Some early attacking momentum from Poland gives them the edge at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Poland’s Natalia Wisniewska gets in the way of an Italian 16, giving the Poles the space to attack. Italy’s Keeper is there for the save but the Italian defence has to scramble at the goal mouth to get the ball clear.

The teams can’t be differentiated as the attacking momentum swings from end to end until a ball comes off an Italian foot in the circle, giving Poland their first attacking corner. Captain Marlena Rybacha takes the strike from the top of the circle but the ball is sent wide by the Italian defence.

Poland’s Number 20 Sandra Tatarczuk does well to keep possession as she drives into the circle but is stopped in her tracks by Italy’s Eugenia Bianchi.

Italy look advantageous as they tussle for the strike at the goal mouth, but Poland’s Dominika Nowicka is down and the defence are able to clear.

Momentum stays with Italy as they earn another corner. Number 2 Celina Traverso is waiting on the post and gets the touch but she’s short; meeting the side panel of the goal.

Undeterred, the Italians keep pushing for that the first goal of the match but to no avail as attempt after attempt are kept out by the Polish defence. But as the klaxon sounds to mark the end of the 3rd quarter, it’s still 0-0.


The Italians keep the momentum, forcing Poland back towards their baseline. After 4 consecutive long corners, Poland force the Italians into a mishit and earn some respite from the attack. A gorgeous touch from Poland’s Number 7 Magdalena Zagajska gives Poland the edge as they drive towards the circle but some strong challenges from the Italians halt their attack.

Elisabetta Pacella of Italy is awarded the first yellow card of the tournament as tensions rise as we head towards the final whistle. Poland use the momentum to drive towards goal. A cross from the left has the Polish striker diving for the ball but she can’t quite reach. Number 24 Wiktoria Blaszyk drives in again from the right but Italy’s Keeper is there for the save.

One final aerial ball down the righthand line from Poland’s Monika Polewczak meets blue turf as the klaxon sounds to mark the end of the match. Nil – nil is the score between these well-matched sides.


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