Presentation to update members on Membership Engagement Project

The Scottish Hockey Board, along with the Membership Engagement Project Group, wish to extend a grateful thanks to all the Scottish Hockey members who provided valuable input and feedback through the recent survey as part of the Membership Engagement Project.

An online presentation around the final report will be delivered by the founding operations director of ethos consulting, Bruce Milroy, at 7pm on Thursday 29 April. The invitation to attend is extended to all, and the presentation will also be live streamed on the Scottish Hockey website. Following this presentation, the final recommendations document will be published on the Scottish Hockey website on Friday 30 April.

We very much welcome and appreciate members’ guidance and steer to help Scottish Hockey grow and develop stronger as a sport.

We recognise how important it is to share the findings of the membership engagement survey and offer opportunity for members to hear directly from, and chat, with ethos consulting, who conducted the survey, compiled the results and concluded the recommendations.

The Scottish Hockey Board is currently considering the next steps and the action plans which need to be created and progressed in order to meet the recommendations proposed in the report.

Work is ongoing to establish short-term, medium-term and long-term action plans and delivery, and it is the board’s intention that an update in this regard will be delivered at the conclusion of the presentation on Thursday 29th April, and a documented copy posted on the Scottish Hockey website the following day.

Anyone wishing to attend are asked to sign-up by emailing [email protected]

The Chair of Scottish Hockey, Martin Shepherdson, said, “Thank you to all the members who took part in the survey, Scottish Hockey’s aim in commissioning this work is to truly engage with its membership, and to give our members a voice through anonymous independent data gathering.

“We’ll use the resulting recommendations as a “reset” for Scottish Hockey and look forward to taking positive steps forward.”

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