Scotland Masters O60s men squad announced for Antwerp

The Scotland Grand Masters O60s Men squad has been selected for the European Masters in Antwerp 19-29 June 2019.

The Scots will face the Netherlands; Spain; Ireland; and Italy as they bid for success into the latter stages of the tournament.

Head Coach Adam McInnes said:

“I am delighted to be able to announce such a strong squad for the forthcoming European Cup, as we seek to build on the promising start that we have made to the international season at the Celtic Cup in April, and the Four Nations last weekend.

Our performances over these two tournaments, but particularly against Wales and England at the Four Nations, give us huge confidence that we can secure positive results against some of the best teams in Europe when we face them in Belgium next month.”



Ronnie Stott (Bishop’s Stortford)

Graham Murray (Harleston Magpies)

Niall Sturrock (Western Wildcats)

Derek Bell (Grange)

Arthur Robertson (Falkirk & Linlithgow)

Neil Sharp (Stirling Wanderers)

David Rowlands (City of York)

Glenn Paton (Livingston and West Lothian)

Benny Gibson (Dundee Wanderers)

Gurdial Duhre (Kinross)

Alan Kerr (Falkirk & Linlithgow)

Donny Hay (Grange)

Gordon MacKenzie (Western Wildcats)

Alasdair McArthur (Highland)

John Bennett (Dumfries)

Colin MacBeth (Grange)

John Hay (Ayr)

Alistair Hay (Sevenoaks)


Schedule for Scotland O60s Men

Friday 21/6 Scotland Netherlands 9.30

Saturday 22/6 Scotland v Spain 12.30

Monday 24/6 Scotland v Ireland 9.15

Tuesday 25/6 Scotland v Italy 9.00

Thursday 27/6 cross overs

Friday 28/6 Places 5-8

Saturday 29/6 3/4 place and Final.


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