Scottish Hockey Facilities Strategy Group established

Scottish Hockey has established a project group to review its approach to facilities and has recruited individuals with experience in facility planning, development, utilisation or management whether hockey specific or within a wider community context.

Joining the Facilities Strategy Group is Carolyn Hedley; Emma Lambert; Emma Little; Graeme Shield; Jamie Carnegie; Kevin Jackson-Barnes; Lesley Wight; Rhoda Howe; and Caitlin Watt, following an open recruitment process. You can find out more about them HERE.

Working alongside the Head of Domestic Game, the Facility Strategy Group is responsible for the development of a facility strategy for hockey in Scotland.

The group will complete a review of the location and condition of current facilities and establish a profile of current pitch usage nationally, including areas of unmet demand and latent demand.

It will also look to gain an understanding of the current and future plans for international hockey facilities.

Reviewing the environmental impacts and opportunities for facility development will also be part of the group’s remit, as will the creation of a facility tier system that compliments the development plan for the domestic game.

The group will identify priorities and gaps for facility development within the existing hockey estate, and offer policy guidance and support for the work of the Head of Domestic Game and the Competition Event Managers.

It will manage the discussion of regulations and competition procedures around facilities within Scotland to maximise provision for hockey, and provide recommendation to the board; Management Committee; and Premiership Management Group around the requirements and expectations of teams taking part in Premiership hockey.

Ultimately the work of the group will support the board and Scottish Hockey staff to deliver the Scottish Hockey Strategic Plan.

Jamie Carnegie, who is on the group from the Scottish Hockey Board, said, “The facilities strategy review process is an important bit of work that needs to be completed and we have had some excellent engagement in the application process to be part of the group. The range of skills, abilities and experiences both in hockey and other aspects of life will help bring a depth of knowledge to the process.”

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