Mark Pain

Name: Mark Pain

Job title: Regional Development Manager (North)

Job description:

  • Work towards building stronger clubs within Grampian, Highlands & Islands area
  • Implement a strategic plan for hockey in order to ensure the infrastructure of the sport develops effectively
  • Link between Local Authorities, Clubs, Schools and other key stakeholders in the region
  • Development of club, school and youth hockey in North of Scotland.
  • Support local authorities and partners with club structures, coach education. implementing sustainable development initiatives etc.
  • Work towards and support the KPI’s outlined within Scottish Hockey’s Stategic Plan

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 07506 854126

Hometown: Dalbeattie, D&G

Lives: Ellon, Aberdeenshire

Hobbies: Hockey, Badminton, any sport really.

Twitter: @scothocknorth

Instagram: n/a

Nickname if any? Sharky

Favourite TV programme/ movie? Currently – Line of Duty / Taskmaster / LA Confidential

Favourite meal? Pizza

Hidden talent: So hidden, even I don’t know what it is……

What is your favourite song/band? U2 / Kasabian / Oasis

Favourite holiday destination:  US of A

Sporting hero? My PE Teachers really inspired me to get into sport

Notes / interesting info: I won an episode of 15 to 1 while at Uni.

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