Update on the Membership Engagement Project

Following publishing an independent report in April detailing the results of its membership engagement survey, Scottish Hockey has been working hard to put in place an action plan to deliver against the report’s recommendations.

We have prioritised the recommendations in the report into short, medium and long-term targets and have worked closely as a team to develop actions and processes to achieve them.

Our short-term targets will be achieved within six months; our medium-term targets will be achieved within 18 months; and our long-term targets are set to be achieved in the years ahead.

So far we’re making good progress with our short-term targets; we published the independent consultant’s report in full on 30 April. We had already committed to keeping our AGM in an online format and will hold our next online AGM on 17 June.

We’ve began signposting our Strategic Plan 2019-23 document again for those who may have missed it first time around. We’ve made it even easier to find by adding a link to the strategy to our home page. We’ve also included links to the document in our AGM communications.

Improving CORE is a medium-term target but in the short-term we have launched an investigation into CORE to establish all the pinch points, and where to make changes. As part of this investigation we’ve spoken to clubs and developers to establish quick wins.

We have been consulting with clubs, particularly on Zoom, which we used to share the findings of the independent report prior to publishing. We also used Zoom to discuss the league restructure proposal by a short life working group led by Martin Boag. Recently we launched a CEO engagement campaign where members of all ages were able to input to the recruitment of our next CEO. Engagement with our clubs, districts and members is important to us and we are committed to engaging, while making engagement easier for members by embracing technology.

Scottish Hockey has always had a required 48 hour email response time and we’re investigating the reports highlighted by the Membership Engagement Project that this isn’t always the case. We are committed to offering a timely response to members’ enquiries.

We are always keen to highlight and celebrate the successes of our clubs and are investigating a new process to help make it easier for clubs to share their stories with us. Stories are vital to showing how wonderful the hockey community is and we want to hear these stories so we can promote them the best we can.

Finally, as suggested by the consultant’s report, we have introduced a “You Said, We Did” campaign to highlight all the work we’re doing and update the membership on our progress.

Short term targets

  • Publish consultant’s report to all members and communicate actions within 3 months of publication
  • Publish a fresh organisational chart explaining role of Board, Committees and contacts for staff
  • Signpost your existing 2023 Vision and Strategy and clarify focus
  • Set policy to publish Board minutes within 7 days to improve transparency
  • Introduce a “You Said, We Did” campaign to demonstrate visible change
  • Introduce a 48hr email response time for all member queries
  • Acknowledge the successes and achievements within clubs
  • Keep the AGM virtual to encourage wide level participation
  • Develop role clarity for Chair/President/CEO
  • Working group established to start engagement process
  • Create a senior leadership visibility plan and publish it
  • Investigation of problems with CORE – tie in with start of season input sept/oct
  • Consult more with clubs and districts via Zoom
  • Data collection process to identify ‘best practice’

Medium and long-term targets

  • Establish appropriate committee framework with ToR for each and create organisational chart identifying roles/remit/contacts for Board & Committees.
  • Develop 2023-27 strategic plan through engagement.
  • Prioritise a small number of key services and focus on them with RDMs
  • Conduct a governance review
  • Develop Decision-Making Principles
  • Agree Code of Conduct for ALL roles to adhere to and review
  • Review company status
  • Develop an inclusive new long-term vision and strategy in 2022
  • Re-allocate resources to a professional Commercial role
  • Fix the “CORE” system
  • Directly link RDM’s to CEO
  • Re-organise for weekend access
  • Seek member input to improve Communication channels and content

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