Upgrades for indoor umpires and technical officials

Scottish Hockey has had a number of our umpires and technical officials upgraded for indoor hockey – it is well-earned reward for the excellent work and commitment of the officials upgraded.

Jean Duncan becomes an International Elite Panel Umpire Manager

Gavin Cruickshanks becomes an Advancement Panel Umpire.

Duncan Ruzzak becomes an International Panel Umpire

The announcement means Jean Duncan becomes one of only a handful of International Elite Indoor Umpire Managers, and one of even more exclusive group that is an International Elite Indoor, and Pro-League Outdoor.

Gavin Cruickshanks becomes the fourth Scottish umpire at Advancement Panel. Only the Netherlands has more umpires at Advancement Panel and higher than Scotland does, which shows the significant success Scotland has had on an international level.

Chair of the International Appointments Panel John Herron said, “Duncan has been active in the national league as an umpire for over eight years, if not more, he’s finally received some recognition for his indoor quality.

“But all the officials upgraded are receiving appropriate recognition for the effort and resilience shown working in the league, and thanks to the coaches within Scottish Hockey who have supported their personal development. Hard work pays off.”

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