Wales put five past Turkey in a 5-1 win at Glasgow National Hockey Centre on Day Two of the 2019 Women’s EuroHockey Championship II

Wales put five past Turkey in a 5-1 win at Glasgow National Hockey Centre on Day Two of the 2019 Women’s EuroHockey Championship II.



Wales’ Number 2 Julie Whiting gets things under way with a cracking ball across to the top of the circle. After a short tussle at the top of the circle, Number 8 Sarah Jones opens the scoring with a first-minute goal.

Motivated from their early opener, Wales keep up the pressure against the Turkish defence, who falter after some strong defending but Keeper Serpil Turker makes a great save to keep it from going to 2-0.

As the momentum turns, Turkey drive against the Welsh defence but not no avail. Another turn of the tide results in a spectacular cross from Wales’ Number 10 Phoebe Richards, wowing the crowds at Glasgow Green.

After crosses from both sides fail to connect, a corner is awarded against Wales as the first quarter draws to a close but it’s a near miss at the post for Turkey.

Furious defending on both sides sees out the first quarter.


Into the second quarter, Wales aim to extend their lead with an early press but Wales’ Number 13 Danni Jordan sees her attempt roll gently across the back line.

A low tackle from the Turkish defence sees the Umpire award a penalty corner for Wales but, despite only 3 Turkish defenders behind the line, no conversion for Wales. A drive from Turkey sees Wales’ Number 27 Joanne Westwood tussle to regain possession but Turkey still drive through. However, a mishit sends the ball behind the line.

Two green cards in quick succession send Turkey down to 9 players with 6 minutes to go in the second quarter. Taking advantage, Sarah Jones sends a crisp ball across the circle but there’s no one there. Turkey’s Keeper lets it run.


Heading into the third quarter, some good work around the back brings the ball to Wales’ Number 10 Phoebe Richards, who works her way through the Turkish defence, sending the ball screaming past Turkey’s Serpil Turker to make it 2-0 in the opening minute of the second half.

Wales move quickly as Number 14 Eloise Laity sends the ball towards goal from the left of the circle but Turkey’s Keeper keeps it at 2-0. Another attempt comes quickly from the penalty spot but it’s too high.

Following a free hit from behind the 22, Turkey’s Number 10 Perihan Küçükkoç works hard against the Welsh defence to slip it past Keeper Rose Thomas, scoring Turkey’s first goal of the tournament. It’s 2-1 in the 3rd quarter.

After some end-to-end hockey, a risky cross across the goal mouth from the Turkish defence sees Danni Jordan dive for the ball but she hits the post! Turkey manage to keep the ball out, avoiding going 3-1 down as the 3rd quarter heads into its last 5 minutes.

Another penalty corner for Wales at the end of the 3rd quarter but Serpil Turker keeps it at 2-1, saving a strike from the top of the circle.


Early Welsh pressure at the start of the final quarter sees an aerial ball from Wales’ Number 15 Beth Bingham arrive in the Turkish 22 and some quick work from the Welsh finds Danni Jordan, who connects this time to slot the ball past the Keeper and into the net. It’s 3-1.

Wales keep up the pressure with another attacking penalty corner. Phoebe Richards pings the ball off the post after some fruitless attempts from Turkey to clear.

Driving again, Phoebe Richards earns a free hit at the top of the circle but a foul at the goal mouth earns Wales another penalty corner. The post prevents Number 17 and Welsh Captain Leah Wilkinson from making it 4-1.

Wales link up through the middle of the pitch, Emily Rowlands to Danni Jordan, who finds Number 21 Xenna Hughes, who finds the space past the Turkish Keeper. 4-1 with 10 minutes to go.

Aiming to further extend their lead, Hannah Cozens sends the ball high towards the Turkish net but Serpil Turker keeps it out in spectacular fashion; diving for the ball and connecting with her left hand.

A final penalty corner sees Welsh Captain Leah Wilkinson slot the ball neatly through the Turkish defence from her reverse stick. 5-1 is the final score, putting Wales on a strong footing for the rest of the tournament.

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